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Start reaching for your next big thing and make a different future. A platform
designed for the Dreamers, Aspirers and the Seekers.

Our Story

We first see the aspirations in students, then the science behind the figures. We are revolutionising education by providing students with digital knowledge and resources that will prepare them for tomorrow. Our platform “Placement Preparation” allows aspirants to practise important subjects and be ready for placements.

Our Mission

Aspirants have traditionally had to go to coaching classes to prepare for placements. Placements are becoming increasingly difficult to crack, and demand a lot of time and money. It is now getting tougher for kids from rural areas, or those from lower income backgrounds, to get good education and access to the right coaching classes. To make the process easier, affordable, and effective we developed this revolutionary platform that allows aspirants to practise important subjects and be ready for placements.

Our Vision

Student’s learning results increase when they engage with us because we introduce them to aspects that motivate them to know more. Students then put their understanding in the setting of a narrative to address a real-world problem. Our platform is designed to help aspirants prepare for placements with ease and in an interactive manner. It also helps aspirants get a good understanding of the concepts and build confidence, so that they can crack the exam with ease.

Our Team


Vasanth Vijayabaskar

Business Unit Head


Ramkumar P

SEO Specialist


Akshaya A

DM Executive


Vigneshwaran R

Product Designer

dinesh kumar

Dinesh Kumar J

Graphic Designer


Alexander T

Video Editor


Amarjith M

Graphic Designer

thiru moorthy

Thiru Moorthy R

Project Manager

akshita shivani

Akshita Shivani

Graphic Designer