Best Websites to Learn Quantitative Aptitude 

05 FreshersLive

FreshersLive might not be the first website you think of when preparing for Quantitative Aptitude. But it’s making its name in one of the most prominent study circles of India.

04 Sawaal

Sawaal is one of the most prominent websites out there for Quantitative Aptitude. The well-researched questions and answers make it a perfect destination for placement preparation.

03 PrepInsta

Prep Insta is one of the most intuitive platforms for Quantitative Aptitude preparation. It is slowly but steadily climbing the ladder in the competitive industry for placement preparation.

02 IndiaBIX

IndiaBix is a well-known and well-established website for Quantitative Aptitude preparation. It is regarded as one of the most credible and reliable websites for Quantitative Aptitude by the students.

01 Placement Preparation

This is one of the best websites on the market for easily practising Quantitative Aptitude. Despite the fact that the website is new to the scene, it has already made an impression in the study circle.

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