How To Increase Solving Speed In Quantitative Aptitude 

1. Understand the Complete Syllabus

If you understand the syllabus completely, you can create a smart plan for preparation that will require fewer hours, and explore more topics. 

2. Improve Your Weaker Areas

It is advised that a student must commence from essential questions for their weaker topics. 

3. Learn Speed Maths & Vedic Mathematics Tricks 

Vedic Maths is a remarkable compilation of sutras for solving maths problems quickly and efficiently 

4. Be Thorough with Tables, Squares & Cubes 

Tables, squares, cubes, and so on are typically used to speed up calculations.

5. Using Right Shortcuts/Methods 

Students acquire problem-solving abilities and grow more comfortable exploring for new answers when they understand how to get what they want. 

7. Practice 

If knowledge is repeated or revisited on a frequent basis but at gradually increasing intervals, it will be retained in long-term memory. 

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