Mistakes to Avoid While Preparing Quantitative Aptitude

Not Having a Smart Study Plan

The 'Smart' way is the way that enables you to understand a topic better rather than mugging it up with no clear objectives. 

Referring Multiple Resources at once 

Students can also take the help of prominent websites and youtube channels that industry experts and professionals manage to avoid any confusion. 

Playing For Speed Straightaway 

You can practice on mock tests to manage your time management skills. You can also learn techniques to boost your calculation speed. 

Not Taking Enough Mock Tests 

A daily mock test is necessary to prepare for the Quantitative Aptitude examination. 

Skipping Analysis of Mocks 

Students must thoroughly analyse their mocks and draw an accuracy percentage from them (the number of correct answers).  

Not Doing Revisions

To study for Quantitative Aptitude placement exams, you must practise all you have learnt. 

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