Rahul Journey From Mech. Engineer to becoming a Full Stack Developer


Rahul was always fascinated with cars and computers. He went for Mechanical Engineering, but he soon realised he wanted to be a Full Stack Developer. 

Got Full-Stack Developer Certificate 

He joined GUVI’s Zen Class Full Stack Development Program to learn from tutorials and under expert guidance. 

Mastered JavaScript

He mastered Java script as it was easy to understand, and other frameworks became a cakewalk for him 

Built  New Projects

He started practising by solving programming problems, creating new projects and submitting them for expert review and feedback.

Worked on Communication Skills 

He worked to improve his communication skills as they were an important part of the interviews and the overall profession.

Completed  Internships

After getting his Full-Stack Developer Certificate, he started completing internships to gain experience in the field. 

Aced  Interview

Rahul through GUVI’s Zen Class Full Stack Development Program got interview opportunities  and finally landed a job as a Full Stack Developer. 

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