6 Common Myths About Off-Campus Placements 

Off-Campus Placements Offer Lower Salaries 

In reality, the salary offered depends on the candidate's skills, experience, and the company's policies, irrespective of the placement location.

Off-Campus Placements Are Only for Low-Profile Companies 

Many reputable companies, including Google, Microsoft, and Amazon, conduct off-campus placement drives. 

Off-Campus Placements are Unreliable 

Many placement consultancies and recruitment agencies specialize in off-campus placements and have a high success rate.

Myth: Off-Campus Placements Lack Diversity 

Off-campus placements offer diverse job opportunities in various industries, including IT, finance, education, healthcare, and many others. 

Off-Campus Placements are Challenging 

With proper planning, research, and guidance, candidates can secure off-campus job offers without much hassle.

On-Campus Placements are Always Better 

The choice depends on individual preferences, convenience, and career goals. 

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