5 Common Myths About On-Campus Placements

On-Campus Placements Guarantee a Job 

While it is true that these programs provide a platform for students to connect with potential employers, it does not guarantee a job. 

Only Top Students Get Hired 

Even if you don't have perfect grades, you can still land a job through on-campus placements if you have the right skills and attitude. 

On-Campus Placements are only for STEM Students 

Many colleges and universities offer placement programs for a variety of fields, including arts, science, and humanities. 

On-Campus Placements are the Only Way to get a Job

Students can also apply for internships, attend job fairs, network with alumni, and explore online job portals. 

Employers Only Hire from  Top Colleges 

Few companies only hire from prestigious institutions, but many employers look for candidates who have the right skills, and experience, regardless of where they studied. 

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