Know About Amazon in Just 30 Seconds 

What exactly does Amazon do? 

Amazon is a behemoth in the fields of e-commerce, shipping, finance, technology, cloud storage, and entertainment. It is involved in a variety of other industries. 

What was Amazon's old name? 

Bezos initially registered the business in Washington state as Cadabra, Inc. 

Who is the founder and CEO of Amazon? 

The Founder of Amazon is Jeff Bezos while Andy Jassy is the current Chief Executive Officer. 

Where is the Amazon headquarters located? 

Amazon headquarters is located in Seattle, USA. 

Is Amazon a private or public company? 

In 1994, Amazon began as a private company. After the business began to expand, Bezos converted it from a private to a public company in 1997. 

Is Amazon a Fortune 500 company? 

Yes,  Amazon is No. 2 position on the Fortune 500 list. 

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