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Probability is a field of mathematics that deals with numerical representations of how probable an incident is to happen or how likely a statement is to be true.

Real-Life Applications of Probability

Real-life examples where the concepts of Probability is involved are:

Application 1:

When a patient is counseled to have surgery, they usually want to know the likelihood of success of the procedure, which is nothing more than a probability rate. Based on this, the patient decides whether or not to proceed with the procedure.

Application 2:

When organizing an outside activity, most individuals consider the likelihood of rainfall. Meteorologists anticipate the weather based on past year's trends, as well as temperatures and catastrophic events, and nothing is presented as a certainty, only a probability and an estimate.

Application 3:

When three of the six numbers on a dice are even, there is a 50% probability of rolling one dice and obtaining an even number.

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Probability Aptitude Aptitude Resources

The resources mentioned below can help you with your Probability aptitude preparation.


1. Concepts

Learn important concepts related to Probability. Once you begin comprehending what has to be assessed, you develop a better understanding of the nature of the questions.

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2. Formulas

Learn important formulas linked to the Probability problems that can help you answer the questions quickly and develop a greater understanding of the concepts.

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3. Practice Problems

Practice sample problems related to the Probability topic. A candidate is more likely to comprehend the concept and improve their speed and precision the more questions they practice.

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How important is the Probability topic in placement examinations?

Probability topic carry medium weightage in the Quantitative Aptitude examinations.

Is Probability difficult to learn?

No, Probability topic is not difficult to understand. Students must practice Probability on a daily basis and memorise formulas to address the problems accurately. Students must also learn different shortcuts & tricks to improve their solving speed.

What is the fastest and most effective way to learn the Probability topic?

Students must understand the foundations and formulas of Probability. They should be informed of the shortcuts and tricks for various types of questions on the topic. They must practice on a daily basis before taking a weekly mock exam.

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