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Cloze Test

Cloze test involves understanding and correctly applying the rules of context interpretation to fill in gaps in a text with suitable words. It tests an individual's grasp of vocabulary, grammar, and comprehension, and their ability to effectively understand and interpret text. This skill is vital for effective reading and learning.

Why Are You Tested for Cloze Test?

The following are the reasons why the cloze test topic is included in verbal ability section:

1. Comprehension skills

Cloze test makes the student use their comprehension skills to analyze the context and the topic to fill the blanks with the correct word. Students need to understand the paragraph well and the surrounding sentence to find the most fitting answer.

2. Grammatical Proficiency

Any student with good hold on grammar will be able to solve cloze test questions easily. Cloze test challenges the test takers to use grammar extensively to figure out the right answer. Students have to use correct subject verb agreement and sentence structure to fill the blanks quickly.

3. Word Power

Some cloze tests are specially focussed on vocabulary and student’s ability to associate more words with a given situation and write the most accurate and fitting word based on the context of the paragraph. So, better vocabulary will be most helpful in solving cloze tests accurately and faster.

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Cloze Test Resources

The resources mentioned below can help you with your cloze test preparation.


1. Examples

Examples are important in understanding the cloze test. By using real-world scenarios and applying the rules and principles related to cloze test, you can simplify and improve your comprehension of this topic.

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2. Practice Questions

Practice sample questions related to the cloze test topic. A candidate is more likely to comprehend the concept and improve their speed and precision the more questions they practice.

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What is cloze test in verbal ability?

A cloze test is a language proficiency assessment or exercise where a passage or text is provided with certain words or phrases removed after some words. The test-taker is then required to fill in the missing words or phrases, based on their understanding of the context and their knowledge of grammar, vocabulary, and syntax.

How important is the cloze test topic in placement examinations?

Cloze tests topic in placement examinations carries high weightage in the verbal ability section of these examinations. Depending upon the exam and question paper patterns, cloze test questions can comprise 10%-40% of the questions. Although, it's highly variable with the pattern of particular exams and the type of questions it decided to present.

Is cloze test difficult to learn?

No! Cloze test is not at all difficult to learn. It’s one the easiest topics to answer if you have good practice through cloze test exercises and assignments. Cloze test is mostly about grammar, vocabulary and superior, observational and comprehension skills. Once you get a hang of them, learning cloze test is very easy and has the potential to become your favourite section.

What is the fastest and most effective way to learn the cloze test topic?

The fastest and the most efficient way to learn the cloze test topic effectively:

  • Understand the concept, structure, and techniques.
  • Read extensively to improve vocabulary and comprehension.
  • Practice regularly with cloze test exercises.
  • Analyze context to choose the correct word or phrase.
  • Expand vocabulary for accurate completions.
  • Focus on grammar and syntax.
  • Review and seek feedback for improvement.
  • Manage time effectively during practice.
  • Learn from mistakes and avoid repeating them.
  • Stay updated on current events and diverse topics.
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