October 17, 2023

How to Prepare for Cognizant GenC Elevate Interview

How to Prepare for Cognizant GenC Elevate Interview

Stepping into the world of opportunities at Cognizant GenC Elevate is a dream for many freshers, and the first crucial step towards this dream is acing the interview.

Read on to learn the essential steps and tips to help you prepare effectively for the Cognizant GenC Elevate interview and increase your chances of success.

Cognizant GenC Elevate Interview Preparation Tips

Below are the insightful tips tailored for each stage of Cognizant GenC Elevate selection process:

1. Skill Based Assessment

In this part of the selection process, you’ll face both coding and SQL questions. It’s essential to prepare systematically for each.

1.1  Master the Basics of Java and SQL

For the Coding section, be thorough with Java fundamentals including data structures, the collection framework, and exception handling. For SQL, focus on understanding basic queries and joins.

1.2 Practical Application

Along with theory, practice coding problems related to real-world applications. Use platforms like Guvi.in, LeetCode, HackerRank, or Codecademy to practice coding in Java. Similarly, try solving SQL problems that involve fetching data or performing joins.

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2. Technical Interview

This stage is crucial as you’ll be grilled on your technical skills, including coding and problem-solving abilities.

2.1 Review Core Concepts

Be clear on core coding concepts and key SQL queries, as you can expect questions from these areas. Your understanding of practical implementations will also be tested.

2.2 Prepare for Scenario-Based Questions

Often, interviewers ask scenario-based questions to test how you’d apply your technical knowledge in real-world situations. Prepare for these by working on coding projects or studying case studies.

3. HR Interview

This is your opportunity to impress upon the interviewers your suitability for the role.

3.1 Research the Company

A detailed understanding of Cognizant business model, market position, and culture will help you engage more fruitfully in the discussion.

3.2 Prepare Your Stories

Be ready with instances from your past experience that demonstrate your skills and abilities. Use the STAR method (Situation, Task, Action, Result) to articulate your stories more effectively.

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General Preparation Tips for Cognizant GenC Elevate Exam

Besides specific tips for each section, here are some general guidelines to help you succeed in the Cognizant GenC Elevate interview:

1.   Prioritize Based on Weightage

Understand the weightage of each section and topic within the Skill-Based Assessment and Technical Interview. Allocate more time to areas that carry higher marks or are known to be more challenging. This way, you can maximize your score by focusing on high-impact areas.

2.  Use a Multi-Resource Approach

Don’t limit yourself to just textbooks or a single online course. Make use of multiple resources like video tutorials, coding platforms, online forums, and sample projects. Different resources provide different perspectives and problem-solving techniques that can be highly beneficial.

3. Conduct Mock Interviews and Timed Tests

Practice is key to success in any interview or test. Conduct mock interviews with a friend or mentor who can give you unbiased feedback. For the Skill-Based Assessment, take timed tests to simulate exam conditions. This not only helps you get used to the pressure but also aids in time management.


1. How should I start my preparation for the interview at Cognizant GenC Elevate?

Begin by familiarizing yourself with the Cognizant GenC Elevate recruitment process and the topics that will be covered in each section. Once you have a clear understanding, allocate dedicated time for focused practice in coding, SQL, and soft skills.

2. What are the key qualities or skills Cognizant GenC Elevate looks for in candidates?

Cognizant GenC Elevate primarily seeks candidates with strong coding and SQL skills. In addition, they value problem-solving abilities, communication skills, and cultural fit with the organization. Your ability to apply technical knowledge in real-world scenarios is also important.

3. Do you have any general interview preparation tips for success at Cognizant GenC Elevate?

Do your homework about the company and the role you’re applying for. Practice coding and SQL problems of varying difficulty levels and try to think out loud while solving them. This will help you articulate your thought process during the interview.

4. What should I expect in the coding section at Cognizant GenC Elevate?

Expect to solve three coding questions in 60 minutes. These questions will likely span various Java topics like data structures, collection framework, and exception handling.

5. What should I expect in the SQL section at Cognizant GenC Elevate?

In the SQL section, you’ll have to answer two questions in 30 minutes. The focus will mainly be on basic to medium-level data querying. You’ll be evaluated on your ability to fetch data and perform straightforward joins.

6. What should I expect in the technical interview round at Cognizant GenC Elevate?

The technical interview will focus on assessing your coding and problem-solving skills. You will face a series of questions that range in difficulty from easy to moderate. Be prepared to showcase your technical skills and to answer scenario-based questions that test your application of technical knowledge.

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Thirumoorthy serves as a teacher and coach. He obtained a 99 percentile on the CAT. He cleared numerous IT jobs and public sector job interviews, but he still decided to pursue a career in education. He desires to elevate the underprivileged sections of society through education

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Thirumoorthy serves as a teacher and coach. He obtained a 99 percentile on the CAT. He cleared numerous IT jobs and public sector job interviews, but he still decided to pursue a career in education. He desires to elevate the underprivileged sections of society through education