important quantitative topics for placement exams

Important Quantitative Aptitude Topics for Placement Exams

The Quantitative Aptitude Topics are very important for placement and other competitive examinations.

But due to its vast syllabus, it can be challenging for students to determine what is essential and does carry a heavy weightage in the examinations.

We created a guide for students to help them identify and understand important Quantitative Aptitude topics for placement exams.

10 Most Important Quantitative Topics for Placement Exams

We categorised the important Quantitative Aptitude topics according to their difficulty level and the number of questions asked.

Following are the Important Quantitative Aptitude Topics for Placement Exams:

S.NoImportant TopicsExpected No. of QuestionsLevel of DifficultyPractice Page Link


EasyPractice Now


EasyPractice Now


Practice Now

4.Ratio and Proportion1-2EasyPractice Now
5.Mixtures1-2EasyPractice Now
6.Time and work 5-6EasyPractice Now
7.Time, Speed and Distance5-6MediumPractice Now
8.Profit and Loss2-3MediumPractice Now
9.Permutations and Combinations4-5Difficult Practice Now
10.Probability 1-2Difficult Practice Now

Final Words

We hope this article helps you to identify important Quantitative Aptitude topics for Placement Exams. If you have any suggestions or queries, feel free to put them in the comment section.

We wish that our efforts assist you in securing your dream profession. Best of luck, and continue practicing.

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